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Quest "Compass" Color Elk Carpet

Quest "Compass" Color Elk Carpet, How Luxurious Does It Feel & How Much Is It?

A constructed Twist Pile Carpet, Quest's carpet selection "Compass" is a brilliant choice when choosing a carpets, it comes as a solution dyed polyester and has a pile height of 8.5mm

Quest's "Compass" Color Elk Carpet is $65.00 per lineal meter as a seconds quality carpet. this particular carpet retails for more then $120.00 per broadloom meter but is going cheap today, making it a simple solution to a small budget.

Compass comes i one particular color in our case that being color Elk, this carpet is a heavy duty carpet and can be laid on staircases, its backing is synthetic woven "Action Bac".

This carpet comes with a n/a warranty.

Quest Carpets


Quest was established in 1978 and manufactures high quality carpets, they are locally based being a Melbourne company, manufacturing everything here.

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