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Aqua Clic 5.5mm Hybrid Click System Flooring.

Aqua Clic 5.5mm Hybrid Flooring, It's Strengths & How Much?

AquaClic Hybrid Flooring is high performance and combines the qualities of vinyl flooring with laminate flooring. AquaClic is Extremely hard wearing and scratch resistant, this is why these vinyl hybrid planks are our most popular product when it comes to hybrid floors.

AquaClic's 5.5mm Hybrid Flooring is at a really great price of $37.50 per meter squared it comes with underlay already bonded to the base, saving on install time and cost.

AquaClic is supplied in afew colors ranging from color spotted gum on the left of the image, color marri in the center and color smoked oak on the right.

This AquaClic comes with a 5 year warranty.

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