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Many people ask the questions "Where To Get Carpet Tiles" and "How Much Are Carpet Tiles" but many people struggle finding a quality supplier that's local and charges fairly most people would shop at the big guys like carpet call and choices but her we offer quality refences and link you to a flooring supplier in your area or better yet direct to an installer.

Other Questions Asked Are "What Sizes Do Carpet Tiles Come In?", Which Is A Great Quest Most Carpet Tiles Are 500mm by 500mm but some do come in 1mtr squared. And Other Question Is "How Much Are Carpet Tiles", carpet tiles vary in price but generally hover around the $30-$40 per meter squared mark with glue being a requirement at $120 give or take per bucket.

We have carpet layer in the hoppers crossing region and surrounding areas such as carpet layers in tarneit, truginana, manor lakes, Werribee, Altona Meadows, Altona, Laverton, Seabrook, point cook, Williamstown, lara, geelong, north shore, Corio, Geelong south, Geelong north, waurn ponds, and many more places.

Carpet Tiles are very modular in their flooring systems and this enables you to have maximum alternatives in pattern and choice of color and bring a brilliant design to your lifestyle. "What Are Carpet Tiles Like?" The physical structure of the carpet tiles maintains strong wear ability and retention properties being that they are generally constructed out of Asphalt and Rubber and are usually loop pile in nature.

We Are Flooring Suppliers & Installers In The Hoppers Crossing & Surrounding Areas, For Your Flooring Needs, Be Sure To Contact Us.

Michael Swift


Carpet Layer of 11 years and counting I've done many jobs usually doing a job per day, plus I also do timber and laminate floors as a bonus to the customer to help with the price of finish towards the timber to carpet threshold.

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