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What Do I Need To Consider When Replacing Or Buying New Flooring

When Purchasing New flooring many people get faced with the possibilities of new charges that seemed unexpected, this is because most flooring products have high tolerances and require floor leveling such as laminate, Vinyl and Timber Flooring of all sorts, not only that some jobs require additional finishes such as stair nosing or trims which can cost a pretty penny.

We proudly stock ARDEX products for floor leveling solutions to a customers floor leveling needs, we've tested many leveling products and have used these products in projects located at Crown Casino and by far ARDEX is the winner for quality.

Trims are generally not required these days as much in new homes as tilers will install solid aluminum finish to their jobs and timber flooring installers do much the same, allowing the carpet to finish to these trims but in some older homes trims are still required, costing only a small portion more.

The Cost of trims is pretty cheap with the trim cost anywhere from $10.00 per doorway to $40 per 3.4-meter length domestically but commercially we can sort out tactile indicators and various trim options such as Stair Nosings with tread inserts and solid aluminum matte-finished pewter trims plus much more.

We Are Flooring Suppliers & Installers In The Hoppers Crossing & Surrounding Areas, For Flooring Need Be Sure To Contact Us.

We Use Quality ARDEX Products When Leveling Floors

Floor Leveling is an expensive job all round sadly, taking up to a 3rd of people's budgets some times even half to ensure that your floor is long-lasting and can live up to many replacements we use ARDEX products.

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