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AirLay "Altitude Collection" Carpet Tiles Color Ridge

AirLay "Altitude Collection" Carpet Tiles Color Ridge, Quality & Price?

This product ist a classic multi-level loop pile carpet tile, it is a solution dyed nylon, it's great for heavy traffic areas and the cushion back makes it confortable on the feet. The Altitude Collection comes in eight different colors, insipired by earthy colors and tones, giving peace to the mind and a state of confort.

AirLay's Altitude Collection ranges in price, depending on if its rubber back or cushion back, but it starts $37.50 per meter squared, this product required pressure sensitive adhesive to properly install the carpet tiles and may need floor primer if your floor hasn't been primed.

In the Altitude Collection there are many colors to select from such as "Highland", "Peak", "Elevation", "Platform", "Ridge", "Apex", "Summit" and "Vertex".

These Carpet Tiles Come With A 15 Year Limited Warranty.



Airlay is an australian based company the sources their products from Europe, South Africa and Asia, their products are eco and certified and all fitting in with the designers ideas.

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