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Bridgestone Airstep StepLux 9mm Foam Underlay

Bridgestone Airstep StepLux 9mm Foam Underlay, High performance & Soft.

For the Best Quality, With a Cheap Price tag. You'd be looking at AirStep's StepLux 9mm Blue underlay. This product is great on the feet and has high density performance too.

Airstep StepMax comes 1.8mters wide and sells for $22.00 per broadloom meter, its 9mm thick and has a noise level of 33dB and its weight/density is 95kg per m3

StepLux is a luxurious product, with reduced noise transmission, asthma and allergy friendly and hight thermal rating for price.

A Life Time Guarantee on the Life Of Your Carpet.

Australian Made.

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