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Bridgestone Airstep Stepmax 10mm Underlay

Bridgestone Airstep Stepmax 10mm Foam Underlay, High performance & Soft.

StepMax is in the Luxury Grade when it comes to standards and is superb to the touch when you take a step. there is low noise transmission, has a thermal rating, asthma and allergy friendly and has a perfect thickness to density ratio.

Airstep StepMax comes 1.8mters wide and sells for $30.00 per broadloom meter, its 10mm thick and has a noise level of 31dB and its weight/density is 120kg per m3

Airsetp's products are 100% recycleable and are manufactured from recycled foams, Airsteps products are reasonable in price for quality too and That is why stepmax is superior for an underlay in the 21st century.

A Life Time Guarantee on the Life Of Your Carpet.

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