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Beaulieu West Base Carpet.

Beaulieu West Base Carpet, What is it? & How Much Is It?

Beaulieu West Base Carpet, Lets start with What is It? West Base is a thin loop pile with a a strong pile making it hard wearing in those traffic areas. west base has a non-scratch backing so that it doesn't scratch your wall during installation. west base comes in many colors but we offer corprate great, executive, and black orbit being a light grey colors, a speckelled dark and light grey and a carcoal black for the black orbit.

Beaulieu West Base Carpet is $45.00 per lineal meter which is $12.30 per meter square and this particular carpet can be installed for less then $90.00 making it a really good and cheap selection.

West Base is a s hard wearing polypropylene with extreme durability, stain resistant and very affordable, it can be used in demestic use and comes 3.66 meters wide. a wonderful choice when thinking of the budget.

This carpet comes with a 5 year warranty.

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